Sunday, 21 July 2013

First Post

I've created this blog to track my journey with IBM's Corporate Service Corp or CSC program. The CSC is part of IBM's Global Citizen's Portfolio. 

The Corporate Service Corps aims to train a new generation of truly global leaders by exposing them to diverse cultures, policy environments and different societal expectations, because this is the 21st centuries context for business.

IBM sees the Corporate Service Corps as providing a triple benefit.  IBM gains leaders with a broader range of skills that can function in a global context. As a participant, I get a unique set of leadership opportunities and development experiences. And the communities that we work with get IBM’s best problem solving skills.

I feel very privileged to be selected as a participant in the program. I’ve been assigned to team that will be based in Jamnagar, in India. I head off on Friday August the 9th, which is just under three weeks from now. Over the next few weeks I plan to post some blog entries about the preparation for the assignment and what I’m expecting to see and do whilst I’m away. I wonder if the assignment will be anything like my expectations. I guess we’ll see.

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