Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Weekly Prep Meetings

Probably the most important pre-assignment preparation activity has been the weekly call. Once a week all the team gets together on a one hour phone call. On these calls we've heard about the CSC program and been guided on what tasks we need to complete. This has included getting immunizations, passports, visa's and making sure we're all on track on our education. We've also heard from the organisation we'll be working with and the been given advice about what to expect and what to be aware of when we get into India.

The calls have been led by Flavio who was part of the CSC India 19 team. India 19 was working in Kalkutta earlier this year. Having someone who's completed an assignment in India and been able to give some direct insight into what we might encounter has been invaluable.

As the team is from all round the world it has to be held at a time that works for reasonably well for everyone. Unfortunately for me, the time that works best for everyone is 11pm on Friday night. Keith, who's in Canada, does the call at 6am Friday. Whereas most of the team get the call during working hours. Whilst 11pm isn't the most social of times, it does mean the call doesn't clash with work meetings, and the family has all gone to bed which means I don't get any background noise. The time hasn't been as bad as it first seemed it might be. But I'll be glad when they are done.

And done they soon will be. There's only one more in the program before we head off. Yipee.

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