Saturday, 27 July 2013

Pre Assignment Training

As part of the preparation for my assignment to Jamnagar I've had to complete 24 hours of formal education. I've had three months to work through it, so 8 hours a month. My first thoughts were "That doesn't sound too hard". What I hadn't counted on was an exceptionally busy work schedule that meant some very long weeks and little time for anything else. The result was a couple of times where I've realised that I've been quite a bit behind where I wanted to be, so a couple of Saturday and Sunday mornings of study was needed to get back on track

The education included a crash course consulting. Exercises in building a greater understand in cultural differences between team members and the cultural of India. There been modules focused on community service and social responsibility, including reading white papers on some of the approaches taken and the success, or lack of success, of these. I've completed some media training, including what should or should not be included in social media. Including twitter facebook and this blog. And last, but certainly not least, a fair amount of material on what logistics preparation was needed to ensure that I'd be able to actually get to India and be ready to work from day one.

When I first looked at what was needed to be completed and the time frame I thought it'd be pretty easy to knock over. About two months in I was finding that it was more involved than I'd expected. At the same time I've found it to be informative and I think worthwhile. So much so that I think that there's a reasonable amount I expect I'll be referring back to in the first couple of weeks. Especially the consulting modules.

Hopefully it completing this will have helped prepare the team and I. If nothing else it's made me feel a little more comfortable about the task ahead.

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