Sunday, 8 September 2013

And then we were done.

It feels like we arrived in Jamnagar only yesterday, and suddenly it's over. We said goodbye to our client who presented each of us with an item of clothing that was in the pattern of his caste.

It was a very generous gesture appreciated by each of us..

Then it was time for a debrief. What did we think of the experience? Everyone said it had a been a memorable experience that was very worthwhile. At the same time I don't think anyone said it had been what they expected. 

There was time for one last meal before getting all the bags packed. There's a 15Kg limit, so a few of us were loading up the hand luggage to keep the additional fees down. Then it was off to the airport.

Once in Mumbai final goodbye's were said and then the team split up. Some we're heading home that day and might even be there by the time I get to publish this post. Most are staying on for some post assignment travel with partners from home., but all we're going different ways. I'm doing some travel with Peter. We're the only two of the team traveling together, though we expect to meet a few of the others on our journey.

The CSC experience has been fantastic. The IBM team was great. The partners we worked with we're all very supportive. I know that I've learned a lot and think that we've left a work product behind that drives some value for all of the clients that we worked with.

I hope that those of you who've been reading this blog have got some sense of both what India and our project as like. It's been an experience I doubt I'll forget.

Final Glimpse of Jamnagar.
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  1. Hi Malcolm, thank you for the ability to peek into your adventures in India. I really like your stories and insights. I am currently sitting in my hotel room (2nd day) in Uberlandia, Brazil. Different country, different problems, same humans.
    Thank you again for sharing. Olaf (