Saturday, 7 September 2013

Final Presentation

The culmination of our work here was the final presentation to our client and their key stakeholders. Anton, our finance guru showed highlights from his finance modeling. Demonstrating how they could use a limited amount of seed capital to bring enough revenue to run and grow the business, if carefully managed. All the audience wanted to understand if the business would be sustainable. I think they were impressed with the level of detail Anton had put into the model. I know I was.

Claudi, our Supply Chain expert talked about ABC analysis of the supply chain and how that should be used in the proposed organisation. Claudi was sure that nobody would be that interested. As it happened they were very interested. There were more comments and questions afterwards about that topic than anything else.

I talk about the organisations governance model including some recommendations about how the board should be assembled. We'd made changes to this based on the feedback from the earlier session. I thought it would generate discussion and I was right. I'm sure there will be more discussion about this point.

I really would have liked some more time to look at the finance model and provide more detail in the report about some of the key things we'd learnt over the last few days. But we always knew we we're on a fixed time frame.

The presentation seemed to be well received. I'll be watching closely too see what happens over the next few months.    

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