Friday, 6 September 2013

What about the food?

When I was first heard about the CSC program  I spent some time looking at some CSC blogs to see what sort of things others were writing about. A few of the blogs I looked at had almost nothing but stories about what they we're eating and how different and usually how great the food was. So when it was my turn I decided to deliberately not focus on food. But now we're near the end of the trip it's probably time to have a least one entry.

India has a reputation for spicy food. It's a reputation that's well deserved, as everything has some spice in it. Southern India is supposed to have spicier food than here in the North Apparently they eat a lot more rice with the food too.

I've had no problems eating the food here. Where we are is nearly all vegetarian and some of the team have really missed their regular intake of meat, but that hasn't bothered me at all. There's a couple of restaurants that have non-veg, but it's fairly expensive and the best one is unbelievably slow, which I really didn't like.

There's been a wide variety of food and it's all been great. Though I struggle a bit to have full Indian every meal. Fortunately there is other food. Pizza was a favorite at the hotel. This is an Italian pizza which includes pasta in the toppings. Someone tried a pasta pizza, apparently that doesn't have any pasta on it. Weird.

Whilst there is Indian available, Indian at every meal is too much for me. So at breakfast most of the team had eggs and toast. An omelette was the most reliable choice, but the kitchen would have a go at other forms of eggs.

One of the things that Gujarat is  famous for is ice cream!

I thought that Ice Cream went really well with Gulab Jamur, which is a sweet, soft, pastry like ball in a syrup. They were so sweet that one was really enough. Though the record for quantity in one sitting was nine (it wasn't me).

The hotel showed us they they knew how to make a birthday cake (Happy birthday Anton!)

Our client showed us a range of food too. A little pastry dish and some Chai in the afternoon always hit the spot.

The foods been great, even if most of the time I have no idea what we're ordering, and often I'm not much wiser when it's in front of me.

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