Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Post Assignment Travel - Jodhpur

Second stop on the post assignment trip is Jodpur. We traveled here by  "AC Volvo" bus. A bit more up market than what most of the locals would use, and air conditioned.

After a little bit of nervousness when the rickshaw that was booked to take us to the bus station at 5:30 didn't arrive, we made it okay. The roads are mostly terrible, so the driving is very slow.

We had a break about half way, these little guys were running around where we pulled up.

There's a large market around the old clock tower, which is the centre of the old town. Lots of sellers who are keen to show us their wares.

The streets in the old section of Jodpur, which is where we're staying, are very small and busy. We can't even get the rickshaw up to the front of the accommodation they are so small.

The city is dominated by a large fort, called the Mehrangarh Fort. This is taken from the roof top restaurant of the place we're staying.

We walked from here up to the entrance which quite surprising only took about 15 minutes. Though it was quite steep.


We visited some of the other local sites, like the Jaswant Thada

and the Umaid Bhavan Palace.

There's a large festrival 100km from Jodpur. Lots of people are making there way there. This car load is reasonably typical group of excited people proudly displaying their flags. Seeing all the people traveling is interesting, but it is making getting train tickets a challenge,

On the last day we went on a jeep safari. We saw a traditional village.
Saw some Antelope

Watched a traditional tea ceremony. Though they don't actually use tea.

And finished up with a traditional home cooked meal.

Jodpur has been bigger, with more than 1 million people, and busier than anywhere else we've been. The contrast between cities is very noticeable.

We've an early train tomorrow.  I hope the rickshaw turns up this time.

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