Monday, 2 September 2013

Are we on the right track?

One of the things we needed to do confirm we're on the right track is to get feedback from the key stake holders who would be using the business plan as they come to launch their organisation. We'd hoped to have a session last week, but it was a holiday week and the right people weren't available. So Monday was the first real chance, leaving a couple of days to make adjustments.

A lot of time was spent over the weekend getting the presentation and finance modeling working. A few errors crept in along the way and good ideas kept coming up, but we were out of time to add them in.

We ran the presentation at a local school which did some work with the partner organisation we're working with. Whilst the classes we're on it was nice and quite. During the classroom breaks we had to contend with all the extra noise from the children playing.

Anton talked the partners and farmers through the finance model. Complex spreadsheets with lots of numbers are never very exciting. Fortunately Anton had built a number of charts and did a great job of explaining everything.

Claudia spent time talking about the theory behind optimizing the management of shop stock. There were a couple of suggestions put forward that matched up perfectly with model, which was nice.
We now need to take the feedback collected and updated the finance model and business plan with the updated information.

Overall it the response was positive. Now we've got two days to get it all finalised and be ready to do the final presentation.

Tomorrow we have a confirmed appointment with the government office that we've been chasing for more than a week, so it'll be back to the government offices. I wonder if they'll let me take a picture this time?

On the way to the presentation we saw an elephant walking along the road. Sadly no picture. :-(

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