Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Diu back to Jamnagar

Sunday saw us travel from Diu back to Jamnagar via Junagadh. The road trip was along a different route, but it was still about 6 hours in the car and the roads were about the same as Saturday.

The day started out with a walk along the beach.

With a Portuguese background Anton was sure that there would be a coffee machine. Some of the team have had coffee withdrawal symptoms so were keen to find one. Apparently they'd been drinking up to 15 coffee's a day back home, so the search began. Finally we found a shop that had coffee. Can you guess who the big coffee drinker is?

Then it was back into the car and off to Junagadh. There was lots to see here including lots of wild monkeys. The driver was quite happy to feed them where the rest of us kept a bit more distance.  

In the distance we could see a number of temples. There was a stairway of 9,999 steps from here to the top. It takes about 4 1/2 hours to do the climb up and the same back, so not for us today.

There was a rock that had been carved with something like the 10 commandments. The carving was done around 2,000 years ago and it'd been very well preserved.

There was lots more to see here, but it was 4pm and it was more than 3 hours back to Jamnagar on what can best be described as challenging roads which would be worse after dark, so we headed back home.

The trip back was hard work for the driver, with winding roads, slow and stopped vehicles, pedestrians and animals on the road. He did a great job and we we're quite glad to be back.

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