Friday, 23 August 2013

Local Field Visit

Today we visited a government office to talk about starting a co-operative. Being able to register the organisation will be important as it has tax and funding advantages. Being able to do that will be up to a decision by a government officer, so we need to talk to them and make sure they support the idea.

The government office was exactly as I expected. Lots of busy looking bureaucrats surrounded by huge piles piles of paperwork, in some cases quite literally stacked to the roof. I would have loved to have taken a photo but they assured me it was secret government business and not at all possible.

The first office we spoke to felt that we had come to the wrong place, and sent us around the corner to another building. The officer wasn't there, and we should come back.

Out the front there was an MLA addressing a large crowd. There was quite a few police around, but everyone was quite. Apparently there is an election early in the new year.  (Which reminds me I need to do something about the forthcoming election at home, as I won't be there.)

Next stop was the Jamnagar APMC where the local farmers sell their produce at auction each day. This facility was much bigger than the other APMC's we'd seen. It was lunch time and the auctions had finished so we didn't stay.

We visited a small seed processing plant, where seed is cleaned, graded and packed for sale to wholesalers. The flash has caught some of fine dust.

Back to the government office. The person we need to see wasn't there, we should come back later.

Now it was off to the local Agricultural Science University.

They spoke to us about their ATMA project, which has been established to provide education to farmers about best farming practice.

Then it was back to the government office. Despite going back three times we didn't get to talk to the officer we needed to talk too. We'll have to go back next week.

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