Thursday, 15 August 2013

First Field Trip

Our client, SAVA, is looking to start a farmers co-operative which will run a number of agri-shops that sell supplies to farmers cheaper than what's currently available, assist farmers get better prices for their products by grading and aggregating goods, giving farmers access to agricultural knowledge and financial advice.

To be able to give SAVA advice on their plan we need to build an understanding of the environment and the issues that the farmers are facing. The best way to do that is to go a see the environment and talk to the farmers. We stated the process at the SAVA office. Then we went out into the field, starting at an APMC (agricultural produce market committee).

This's a pile of "Ground Nuts", or what I know as "Peanuts".

We had a look around the area where they run the auctions every day at 4am and 3pm. We were there about 10am, so it was quite. Apparently 3 to 4000 farmers attend each auction.

 Then we spoke to some farmers. They were all keen to talk to us and generally seemed to agree that the proposal had merit and they would like to see it proceed. Though it's hard to tell if some of those comments are more to do with the attention they are getting in the interview than how they really feel.

If you have a meeting then usually you'll be invited to have Chai. Chai is a sweet, spicy, milky tea. Happily it's nice as we ended up having quite of lot of it.

Next stop is an Agri-Shop.

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