Saturday, 24 August 2013


While wandering I keep being surprised at some of the technology that's in everyday use. Everyone has a mobile phone, though that doesn't really surprise me. It's quite common to see people riding down the street on the motor bike with two or three passengers and the driver on the phone the whole way. Some of the phones are just a basic phone, but many are smart phones. When we visit they're pretty quick to take a phone out and start taking photo's. I'm sure they take more photo's than we do.

Even the most remote outpost seems to have a satellite TV dish mounted on the roof. Which means that also have a TV. I saw a passenger on the back of a motor bike carrying what must have been at least a 40" flat screen. He couldn't see round it and couldn't hold anything but the screen. Sadly I was too slow for a photo.

There's lots of houses with solar hot water. I guess that shouldn't be a surprise as they have the right climate and a basic solar systems is actually quite cheap.

I was surprised to see that the muddy lane on a remote farm had a solar powered street lighting. And the lighting was LED based too.

Large satellite dishes seem to be quite common. The building behind the hotel has six dishes. I have no idea what they'd use them for or why you'd need six.

Half of us are off to Diu Island for the weekend, so no post Sunday. It sounds very different to Jamnagar, so should be fun.

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