Thursday, 22 August 2013

Jogging Park

Some of the team have been keen enough to get up a little bit early each day and head out for some exercise. We're lucky that just across the road from the hotel is a university with a joggers path. Every morning there's lots of people walking and jogging around the track.

It's probably more correct to say that there's a lot of men out walking and running as I don't think I've seen a single woman on the oval, though there some walking through the uni grounds.

In the middle of the oval there's always teams practicing cricket, and sometimes soccer.

One group asked Anton, who's from Slovakia to have a go at cricket. He reported that if he held the paddle like a hockey stick he was able to hit the ball quite well when it was pitched to him. He thought it wasn't to hard as the game was quite like baseball. I think the local cricketers would have been amused by his description.

Judging by the sign on the tree guards, the ground area was originally intended to be a botanical garden. It needs a little maintenance I think.

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