Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Monday at the office

With a stack of data the real work now begins on pulling it all together. We were picked up at the hotel by the Auto Rickshaw just before 10 for a very civil 10am. Once at the office Anton, our man from finance, locked himself away with Bhimsi from SAVA to try and make send of the financials and then to create a monthly break down. Whilst he worked on that, Claudia mapped out the business plan and I wrote up all the notes from last week. The notes from the meeting really should be done either the same day as the meeting or first thing next day so the meeting is still fresh. There were a few comments that I really struggled to remember the context. By late afternoon the notes were done and Claudia and I started populating the business plan. Anton has at least anther day before he'll be ready to review with us.

All this office work doesn't provide many good photo opportunities, but it is the reason where here.

Last Friday we did the last of the all day field trips. We headed off from the hotel at 7am to catch the 7:30 bus. It took 2.5 hours to cover the 100km trip. The driver was excited that we were on his bus as he said he'd never had any foreigners before.

After the bus we were met by the local contact and driven out to one of the nearby farms. There's been quite a lot of rain making the last section of the track was very wet and muddy. I was sure we'd be out pushing, but there was no problem getting though.

Once at the farm we met with a number of the local farmers and talked through the proposal and collected feedback in the shade of a large veranda area.

The farmer proudly showed us his land from on top of the roof.

His bullock.

And his tractor

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