Wednesday, 14 August 2013

SAVA Office

Yesterday all the teams went out to the client sites for the first time. SAVA's office is a 15 minute Auto Rickshaw ride from the hotel.

 SAVA's office usually only has one, two or maybe three staff working in it. With three IBMer's, SAVA staff and other partners of SAVA who'd come in to talk to us, the little office was a bustling hive of activity.

We met first with the SAVA's chartered account and talked about the organisational structure that's being proposed. How easy is each type of structure to establish, what are the tax benefits and how flexible each type was. At the end of the conversation there was a clear advantage to one model, so time well spent for all of us.

Next we spent time talking to 5 partner organisations. Each one of presented different view points about what the local farmers would be looking for and what concerns they might have.

We had lots of questions, and some of the questions generated quite a bit of discussion amongst the partners, which then needed to be translated for us.

There was a lot to capture in a short space of time. I came away with nine pages of notes. We came back to the hotel with the idea of spending an hour sorting out our ideas and notes, but after three hours of discussion we had to call it a day.

Happily there was time for lunch. Our hosts had arranged for a local woman to cook us a meal, which Anton declared was the best he'd had during the trip. Quite a statement.

Today we're going on a field trip. I think this means a full day out in a village which should be very interesting.

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