Wednesday, 21 August 2013

It's not working.

In India you need to be patient. If it's doesn't work now it'll probably work a bit later. Just wait for a bit. So here's a list of things that aren't working for me.

1/ My Laptop. 
On day one in Jamnagar my laptop decided it didn't want to power on, which was just great. After trying various things I decided to let it have a rest, and on the third go a few hours later it worked. Someone suggested I only put it to sleep rather than shut down. Seemed like a good idea, but same problem. Again I tried giving it a rest. taking the battery out, plugging and unplugging the power cord. Talking to it nicely. Talking to it not so nicely. After a lot of mucking around it came to life. It hasn't been powered off since.

When we go the office I just shut the lid and stick it in my bag. Given the temperature it's probably not the best way to handle it, but for the moment it's working.

2/ The Hotel Internet
There's WiFi at the hotel. When it works it's quite usable. The rest of the time it just drives me crazy. There's multiple access points that seem to bounce up and down all the time. If you can connect then you need to log on, and that seems a hit and miss affair. Once connected and logged on it simply doesn't do anything. I think I've spent more time trying to get connected than actually using it.

3/ Mobile Phones
I had a cunning plan to get around the issues with the hotel internet, I thought I'd get a local sim for my phone. Despite two trips to the Vodaphone shop, and waiting about, and then working through all the paperwork I still don't have a working sim. The question is should I invest more time in it or not??

4/ The Hotel's Hot Water
The hotel turns the hot water off once they have finished cleaning the rooms. It comes on for some period of time in the evening, but if you try and have a shower later at night it's cold only. Apparently if you talk to reception nicely they'll turn it on for you. But I find that the cold water isn't actually that cold, so I have always just had a cold shower.

5/ Power
The power supply here suffers from fairly regular interruptions. Fortunately the hotel has a generator, so the power drops out for only 30 seconds or so. Whilst I was at the Vodaphone shop it dropped out and all everyone could do was sit and wait for it to come back. Power dropped out at the SAVA office when we meeting with 5 of the partners. None of the locals looked around or made any comment.

In fairness, I guess I could have these issues anywhere. I probably should take a more Indian approach and not let it bother me.   

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