Saturday, 17 August 2013

Week One

We're at the end of the first week. I'm just really coming to terms with the change in time zone, the change in the temperature and humidity, the change in the food and the difference when going out in the street.

On the first day at SAVA we ran through all the field work we wanted to do. The coverage they had planned sounded very good, but it seemed to be spread out over the 4 weeks, which was going to be to slow. We asked them to pull it forward and found that we went from one extreme to the other, with all the first week travelling about talking to stakeholders and collecting data. It was an amazing week and we learnt lots about the environment the farmers are working and what their problems are. But I suspect we have fallen into the classic green consultant trap of collecting to much unstructured data.

Next week we'll need to pull the data collected together and try to make sense of it all. We'll need validate the previous financial models and work out where the gaps in our information are then how we'll get the gaps filled. We also need to write a draft business plan and final report as well need to review it for the first time with the key stakeholders early the following week. There's lot to do.

Over the weekend we're all trying catch up on some sleep as well as experience some of India. We're off to the market this evening and there's some talk of visiting a nearby bird sanctuary. If you look, there's lots of wild life about, from tiny little frogs to a wide range of bird life. This morning coming back from the joggers park I spotted this little squirrel like animal. I've seen quite a few of these darting up trees, but this was the first one I could get a photo of.

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