Sunday, 18 August 2013

Khijadiya BirdSanctuary

On Sunday morning the team headed out to Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary to see some wild life. It's an interesting site for bird watchers as it has salt water mangrove swamps and a large shallow fresh water lake side by side. At certain times of the year large numbers of migratory birds gather here on their trip North or South

At this time the migratory birds are all up North, so they are all local varieties  of birds but there was still plenty of wild life to see.

It wasn't only birds that we saw. We spotted this large friendly bug on the track.

We also saw a large snake a small cat like creature and couple of other animals I wasn't able to work out the name of.

It was a real change from the noise and constant movement in downtown Jamnagar and made for a good trip with nearly all the team.

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