Saturday, 17 August 2013

Independence Day

Thursday was Indian independence day. It's a national public holiday and day of celebrations including flag raising ceremonies at a local schools. We had a village meeting planned at one of the villages schools so were lucky enough to see the celebrations which included some games, like musical chairs.

We even got to award some prizes for the winners of the games.

Then our host spoke to the villages, presenting the proposal for the co-operative whilst we tried to interpret the expressions to understand if the reception to the idea was positive. The reaction was different to the previous village. They had some bad experiences with co-op's that had been poorly managed. I think they were a bit taken back when we said we wanted to know about what had gone wrong as we want to learn from this and make sure it didn't happen to the proposed co-op.

On the way there were more camels. Actually we've seen quite a few camels now. We asked about the likely hood of seeing an elephant, but it seems they are only in the South.

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