Saturday, 10 August 2013

Jamnagar and Cows

We’ve all made it to Jamnagar. Elyse was last to arrive as her flight from Amsterdam to Mumbai was cancelled. Happily she was able to get flights that still got her to Mumbai in time to meet up with the rest of us. We’ve now met with our in country leads and tomorrow is a day of briefings before we kick off properly on Monday.

We had time to run a few errands late this afternoon. Things like getting a local Sim card for the phone, arranging liqueur permits and buying additional drinking water. Each an adventure on it's own. While running about we started to get an appreciation for why India is famous for the way it treats cows.  We saw a couple of cows in Mumbai but in Jamnagar there are lots wandering around. They don’t seem to be at all fazed by the traffic or the noise around them. And the traffic doesn’t seem to be bothered by the cows either.

Cows on the main road into town
The only thing using the Zebra crossing was the cows
The traffic just made it's way round the odd cow

#ibmcsc india
At night the roads seem busier than during the day.
The cows aren't fussed.

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