Friday, 9 August 2013


After a long over night flight I've landed in Mumbai. Once at the hotel I was able to  finally meet with 6 of the team. 4 more still to arrive including Elyse who's experienced some delays and now not due till 3 or 4am. We're all getting accustomed to the time zone change and trying to orient ourselves with India.

In the lead up to the trip I'd heard a lot of different things about Mumbai. In particular that it's a big, vibrant, busy, noisy city. Where we're staying is only about 5km from the airport which makes it hard to get a feel for how big Mumbai is. But from the little I have seen it's certainly busy and noisy. 

There's thousands of three wheel motorised taxis known as "Auto Rickshaws". These things are cheap and slip in and out of the traffic easily which makes them the more popular method of travelling short distances. 5 of us bundled into two of them this afternoon to get something to eat. They hurtled through the traffic with the horn being given a good work out the whole time. It seemed that the horn was being used simply to remind other road users that we were there rather than to complain. 

The fare is calculated with use of a meter, as long as they remember to turn the meter on. For some reason the the three girls in one auto rickshaws only had to pay half what the two guys in the other one did. I wonder why? Even at full rate the trip cost 30 rupee, about $0.53 Au, so I won't be losing any sleep over it.

Darting around the back streets of Mumbai, avoiding cows and bicycles whilst  bouncing through pot holes was quite an adventure. 

By tomorrow morning all of the team should have arrived and we fly up to Jamnagar. 

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