Thursday, 8 August 2013

I'm Away!

After three months of preparation I'm finally on the way. I spent most of the day finalising work items, updating out of office notifications, running around town picking up a few last minute items and of course saying farewell to the family. I don't think I've left anything behind and hopefully everyone that needs to know I'm gone knows. All in all it's been a stressful day and now I'm really tired.

The journey from Ballarat to Mumbai starts with a bus trip of about 90 minutes from Ballarat to Melbourne. Then an 8 hour flight to Singapore followed by a 5.5 hour flight to Mumbai. With some wait time in Melbourne and Singapore the trip works out at a bit over 20 hours door to door. And that doesn't allow any time to get from the Airport to the Hotel in Mumbai. I wonder how long that'll take.

All the team is due to arrive in Mumbai during the day on Friday where we'll meet for the first time. On Saturday we all take the 1 hour flight up to Jamnagar, which will be home for the next four weeks.

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